Best Bluetooth Speakers In India 2019-Review & Buying Guide

CDs, tape recorders, cassette tapes, and heavy speaker systems have lost their charm. Digital format is reigning the world for all music lovers. Having one of the best bluetooth speakers can amplify your playlists but choosing one can be tedious job. Keeping in mind factors such as drivers, Bluetooth version, sound quality, usage etc; will help you buy one for yourself.

Don’t worry! Our team has reduced your trouble to a great extent. We have considered top 22models, undergone 100 hours of research and interviewed 7 experts to sort out the top best Bluetooth speakers in India.

If you are searching the market to get a new Bluetooth speaker and finding it difficult to make a choice, then you are in the right place. We at BeeIndia, consider several factors such as types of speakers, sound, portability etc. By viewing our buying guide and top Bluetooth speakers list, you can decide on your own.

Our Top Choice

Product Editor’s Choice   Runner-up   Budget Pick   Name JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker Boat Stone 200 Portable Bluetooth Speakers JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic Best For Bluetooth Speaker For Personal Use Speaker Under 2000 Budget Bluetooth Speaker Pros Comes with 12 Hours of Playtime, It has IPX7 Waterproof, You can get voice Assistant Integration The product is waterproof, Good for hiking or camping purpose, Bluetooth Connectivity is 30 feet The battery charge time is nearly 2.5 Hours, The product comes with Built-in Microphones, Great design with variation of Colours Cons There is no track navigation Buttons Bluetooth version is 4.1 The battery capacity is a bit low Buy Now Check Price Check Price Check Price

Best Bluetooth Speakers In India

Product NameBattery CapacityPlaytimeBluetooth VersionCheck Price

 JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker 3000 mAh12 Hrs4.2

Check Price

Boat Stone 200 Portable Bluetooth Speakers 1500 mAh10 Hrs4.1

Check Price

JBL GO Bluetooth Speaker 730 mAh5 Hrs4.1

Check Price

Sony SRS-XB10 Speaker 1400 mAh16 Hrs4.2

Check Price

Photron P10 Bluetooth Speaker 400 mAh3 Hrs4.1

Check Price

Bose SoundLink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 1500 mAh10 Hrs4.2

Check Price

Philips BT50B Bluetooth Speaker 2000 mAh5 Hrs4.0

Check Price

Bose Soundlink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker 1500 mAh16 Hrs4.2

Check Price

Bose Sound Link Micro Bluetooth Speaker 1500 mAh6 Hrs4.2

Check Price

1. JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker with Powerful Bass; Mic- Best Bluetooth Speaker in India

SALE   JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker with Powerful Bass & Mic

  • JBL Signature Sound- Experience true JBL sound that punches out bass that’s both deep and powerful
  • JBL Bass Radiator- Dual external passive radiator makes you hear the base, feel the base and see the base
  • 12 hrs of playtime-Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 12 hours of playtime

  Check Price

There is a reason why so many people fall in love with JBL speakers. The audio quality makes it much more interesting. Features including the bass Radiator and waterproof protection definitely makes it as the top Bluetooth speakers under 10000. Overall, the 12 hours of playtime and a 3.5 Hours of charge time makes this speaker a great buy. We’ve observed the noise canceling speakerphones in this. It comes with an echo canceling speakerphone that will give you a crystal clear calling experience.

You can also use the voice assistant integration to talk with Siri or Google Assistant. Apart from this, the body is quite sturdy. You’ll like the material and also it is lightweight which makes it travel-friendly. Things We Like

  • Comes with 12 Hours of Playtime
  • It has IPX7 Waterproof
  • You can get voice Assistant Integration
  • JBL Bass Radiator for a great sound experience

Things We Don’t Like

  • Lacks of some real bass punch
  • There are no track navigation Buttons

Bottom Line:

This supermodel comes with JBL signature sound and also wireless Bluetooth streaming. Apart from this, the presence of Voice Assistance Integration makes this portable speaker a worthy buy.

2. Boat Stone 200 Portable Bluetooth Speakers- Best Speaker Under 2000

SALE   Boat Stone 200 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

  • Boat Stone 200 is waterproof to suit your active, outdoorsy lifestyle
  • The body is constructed of durable rubber matte finish that makes it shock proof, which offers all around outdoor protection…
  • Grab one and take it with you when swimming, camping, hiking, cycling, drifting and more

  Check Price

This Boat Stone 200 Portable Bluetooth Speakers comes second on our list. The key features including a waterproof body, crystal clear sound and also the 30 feet range output makes it worth buying. This model from Boat comes with Bluetooth 4.1 transmission. A lot of people may call it a bit backdated. However, as per our test, it is still compatible with all devices which is great. Also, the Bluetooth connectivity is quite strong and you can get a 30 feet range.

The product also comes along with 10 hours of music backup at 80 percent volume. This indeed makes the Bluetooth speaker be much more compatible. It also comes with 50 mm driver pack for the better sound quality. Things We Like

  • The product is waterproof
  • Good for hiking or camping purpose
  • Bluetooth Connectivity is 30 feet

Things We Don’t Like

  • Bluetooth version is 4.1
  • Mic distance for picking up calls could have been better

Bottom Line:
So overall, we like the composure of the speaker and the microphone. It comes with a wide frequency range, so high volume is never a concern. The audio is very clear instead.

3. JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic- Budget Bluetooth Speaker

SALE   JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • JBL Signature Sound- Enjoy JBL legendary sound delivered through high-performance drivers which also provides deep bass to…
  • 5 hrs of playtime-Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 5 hours of playtime
  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming- Wirelessly stream high-quality sound from your smartphone or tablet

  Check Price

The features including JBL signature sound, rechargeable Li-ion battery, and crystal audio makes this product a great choice to go for. But precisely, the low budget will make you believe in the product. You can easily connect your device with wireless Bluetooth and also make it quite evitable to use. Overall, you will like the product and the sound. But the major thing that will keep you happy is the 5 hours of playtime. At an affordable budget, we think this is definitely a great plus point to go for.

It also comes with straps this will help you to carry the Bluetooth speaker anywhere. The connectivity is nearly 20 feet. So, it is quite moderate to use. The frequency response is nearly 180Hz – 20kHz. Things We Like

  • The battery charge time is nearly 2.5 Hours
  • The product comes with a Built-in Microphones
  • Great design with a variation of Colours

Things We Don’t Like

  • The battery capacity is a bit low.

Bottom Line:

The only thing that draws our attention is the battery backup of the device. It has merely a 750 mAh of battery charge. So if you are going for a long drive and do not have any spare batteries, it will be a bit difficult.

4. Sony SRS-XB10 EXTRA BASS Portable Splash-proof Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth and NFC- Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000

SALE   Sony SRS-XB10 EXTRA BASS Portable Splash-proof Wireless Speaker

  • For any query please contact_us on: 1800 103 7799
  • Frequency Transmission Range- 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz (Sampling frequency 44.1 kHz)
  • Max. Communication Range- 10m. Frequency Range-2.45GHz

  Check Price

We already know a lot about the Sony audio quality and its efficiency from the mobile phones available. But, it’s definitely a Brand to watch out for. If you are looking for some features like extra bass, EDM and water-resistant design, this product is a must-have in your backpack. The weight is light, so it is, of course, easy to carry. Thanks to the compact size and the upfront speaker, the audio is a treat to our ears. The Bluetooth connectivity is also updated and you can connect an extra speaker for stereo sound for the best results. Things We Like

  • You can get 16 hours of battery life
  • The small and light design makes it better
  • You can add an extra speaker for stereo sound
  • Easy Bluetooth Connectivity range

Things We Don’t Like

  • No LDAC present

Bottom Line:

With 16 hours of Battery life and also small and light design adds to the advantage side. Our team has come across this device and we surely recommend the Sony SRS as one of the best Bluetooth speakers to go for.

5. Photron P10 Wireless 3W Portable Bluetooth Speaker- Bluetooth Speaker Under 1000

SALE   Photron P10 Wireless 3W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Portable and powerful wireless Bluetooth streaming speakers, Size:60.75*25.36*11mm
  • Built-in microphone allows you to answer calls without skipping a beat
  • Features a rechargeable battery for convenient portability and extended playback time

  Check Price

The Photron P10 Wireless 3W Portable Bluetooth Speaker is another smart buy as a stereo speaker. The key features include built-in microphone to take calls and speak, 3 hours of music time and good bass. Apart from this, the low budget of the speaker makes this Photon Bluetooth Speaker be one of the best under 1000. The standby time is almost 165 hrs. So even if you are carrying the speaker for a trip outside, it’s great to go on. Plus, you can get 6 months of warranty. This is pretty decent in terms of a low budget Bluetooth speaker. Things We Like

  • Comes with 40 mm woofer driver
  • Easy to Connect Bluetooth Speaker present
  • You can get a glowing design with radium

Things We Don’t Like

  • Battery capacity is only 400 mAh

Bottom Line:

The playtime is almost 4.5 Hrs and the full charge takes 3 hours. In this price, a connectivity feature of 10 meters is a great pick. However, if you have a party for longer duration, we suggest you to go for a better option.

6. Bose SoundLink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speakers- Bluetooth Speaker For Bigger room

SALE   Bose SoundLink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

  • Big sound-with deep bass-in the palm of your hand
  • Wireless and compact so you can carry anywhere
  • Voice prompts-makes pairing easy

  Check Price

Just as we know, Bose is one of the leaders in the speakers’ industry. Similarly, the Bose SoundLink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speakers composes of some of the best features including a compact powerhouse and deep bass.

You will love the way it works with the Bluetooth connectivity and the audio output it gives. Ideally, it is one of the top Bluetooth speakers for a bigger room. The speaker comes with volume altering keys and a 9 meter range. The audio boost is a classic advantage. You can also take the speaker along with your trips. The enhanced sound throw feature is crystal clear. Things We Like

  • The product is light in weight
  • You can get a 9 m connectivity feature
  • 10 Hours of continuous play

Things We Don’t Like

  • Price is very high

Bottom line:

The product comes with a 10 Hours of continuous play and a dynamic audio sound. The calling features and the microphone is completely defying. So you’ll love the Bluetooth speaker instantly.

7. Philips BT50B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker- Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000

SALE   Philips BT50B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Anti-clipping function for loud, distortion free music
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth 4.0 or below. Bluetooth range: Line of sight, 10M or 30FT
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anywhere

  Check Price

Coming to the Philips BT50B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, the battery capacity is good. Also, the 30 feet connectivity range makes this portable speaker to be precise. You’ll love the design and the body built. This Bluetooth speaker comes with powerful sound and also sharp voice integration. So, connecting with the internet is never a problem. Also, there is an anti-clipping feature added. There is no distortion of sound as the battery gets low. Things We Like

  • Comes with Anti Clipping Function
  • Audio Input Port is also available
  • Easily connect with any device when needed

Things We Don’t Like

  • Battery charging takes time.

Bottom Line:

It is a great buy if you have a stiff budget. Also, you can use the device for 6 hours in a moderate volume. So overall this product is an ideal under 2000.

8. Bose Soundlink Revolve+ 739617-5130 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker- Rotating Bluetooth Speaker

  Bose Soundlink Revolve+ 739617-5130 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Engineered to deliver deep, loud, immersive sound from a small speaker
  • True 360 degree sound for consistent, uniform coverage
  • Seamless aluminum body which is durable and water-resistant (IPX4)

  Check Price

Truly, this Bose Soundlink Revolve+ 739617-5130 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best in it’s class. Not only because of the features like seamless aluminum body or 16 hours of playtime, it also has a rotating feature to experience dynamic sound all around the room. Apart from the regular features it also has the Bose Connect App. This app lets you configure your mobile device easily with the portable Bluetooth speaker. Also, you can select the mode of play including party, rock or classical. The smart sensor adjusts accordingly. Things We Like

  • Comes with NFC pairing for better connectivity
  • You can get 16 hours of Play
  • Rotating features for dynamic sound

Things We Don’t Like

  • Price is on the higher side

Bottom Line:

The Phillips allows you to attach the speaker to any tripod and USB port. You can also have the advantage of the auxiliary port. So overall, its a great thing to have in your living room.

9. Bose Sound Link Micro 783342-0100 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker- Bluetooth Speakers Under 10000

  Bose Sound Link Micro 783342-0100 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

  • Crisp, balanced sound and unmatched bass for a Bluetooth speaker its size, plays loud and clear outdoors for beach days or…
  • Waterproof speaker from the Inside out (Ipx7 rating), with soft, rugged exterior that resists dents, cracks and scratches
  • Easily portable with a Tear-resistant strap to bring it wherever you go, strap to your backpack, cooler or handlebars

  Check Price

It is quite evident that Bose Bluetooth Speakrs are good to have. But when you get features like micro Bluetooth speaker, compact style, waterproof body and much more, it becomes hard to resist. This Bluetooth Speaker Under 10000 comes with wireless pairing of 6 hours and also a great handlebar. The Bose model comes with a 30 feet connecitivity distance. So, it is just an ideal thought to go for. You can get 6 Hours of playtime making it a sturdy speaker to have. The sound is dynamic as per our test. Even if you are hosting a house party, it is a great buy. Things We Like

  • Comes with NFC pairing for better connectivity
  • You can get 6 Hours of Battery Backup
  • No distortion of sound even on Low battery

Things We Don’t Like

  • No card reader option available

Bottom Line:

The product comes with a good reputation from the brand. Also, the built-in speakerphone leaves a crystal clear audio and voice catching efficiency.

Buying Guide- Why To Choose Bluetooth Speakers in India?

As we all know that a heavy wired speaker can anytime exceed a tiny Bluetooth speaker when it comes to audio quality. But, there is always some benefits of choosing wireless Bluetooth speakers over the heavy and wired ones in other aspects.

1. Ease of Use:

Wireless and Bluetooth connectivities make it an easy way to connect and use. Just keep both the gadgets close to each other and turn on the Bluetooth and pair. That’s it and you are done!

2. Sound:

If you are an audiophile, then you can’t expect any high-end audio quality. However, there are still people who like the built-in amplified Bluetooth speakers over the great audio quality.

3. Connectivity:

While you think of buying a Bluetooth wireless speaker a very important factor to consider is the connectivity. Consider buying one that offers different connectivity ports so that you can connect it with your laptop, smartphones, MP3 player and tablet as well.

4. Portability:

Perhaps the most crucial factor to keep in mind while choosing a wireless speaker is none other than portability. The portability factor makes it a must buy. You can easily take it with you anywhere. So look out for options which are of lightweight and travel-friendly as well.

5. Usage:

While you think of buying a Bluetooth wireless speaker, consider thinking about the usage. Whether you want to use it indoor or you are going for an outdoor speaker.

Buy a speaker that has a bigger driver if you want to use it indoors. On the other hand, choose a speaker that is waterproof, dustproof and has a great battery life in case of outdoor usage.

6. Bluetooth Version:

One of the most essential factor to look at is the Bluetooth version you are opting for. In audio transmission, it plays a crucial role. In fact, the distance between the speaker and the multimedia device is also related to it.

Opting for Bluetooth v4.0 or a higher range will offer more security, easy pairing and also low power consumption.

7. Drivers:

Drivers are the primary component of a Bluetooth wireless speaker. The bigger the size of the driver, the better it is. Normally a portable speaker has a built-in driver of size 30 mm-40 mm. However, if you are a music lover, then opting for a higher range of portable speakers would be an ideal choice.

8. Charging:

Speakers that come along with a micro USB port can be a great option. It allows you to charge it with the help of a USB charger or a power bank.

9. Additional Features:

a) Voice Recognition:

Some of latest models come along with voice recognition feature. It allows processing a request from a distance recognizing your voice. This is an easy to work process.

b) Remote Control:

Having a portable speaker with a remote control facility helps to control every feature easily from a distance. It is quite an effective way to operate your Bluetooth speaker.

c) Hands-Free Speakerphone Functionality:

One of the features that are expected in almost every portable speakers is the hands-free mode. It allows you to take calls on your speaker with the help of Bluetooth. The hands-free speakerphone helps you to do all other tasks while listening to the music or being on the call simultaneously.

d) Online Music Services:

Last but not least is streaming music online. Getting to play your favorite tracks from the internet is without a doubt great feature to have. Some of the WiFi models help you to have access to several music services.

Few Buying Tips For Bluetooth Speakers

  • If you are opting for a portable speaker, then look for the battery option. However, there are few Bluetooth speakers that offer both plug-in and battery options.
  • Some of the speakers do use both the options- wireless Bluetooth connectivity and as well as WiFi.
  • Remember, WiFi speaker has coverage of maximum 125 feet whereas, the Bluetooth speaker can cover a range of 33 feet.

How We Conducted The Tests?

Our team headed to some well-known stores for choosing the Bluetooth and wireless speakers. We considered 22 to models, undergone 100 hours of testing and analyzing and interviewed seven experts to help out in choosing the top Bluetooth speakers.

We went to the store manager as well to complete the idea clear about Bluetooth speaker- how it works, what all technologies are used and what features they offer. Additionally, we also went through reviews on some of the top-notch review sites to know about the performance and durability of the products.

Furthermore, we were really fortunate enough to have three of these Bluetooth and wireless speakers from our selected list. So, it helped us a lot to get to know about these speakers as we did all the personal testing. We got some accurate results as well.

Our team members evaluated all the products on the basis of certain prime factors such as sound quality, usage, connectivity etc. ProductConnectivityPlay TimeOverall PerformanceCheck PriceJBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker979897.5

Check Price Boat Stone 200 Bluetooth Speakers96.59897

Check Price JBL GO Bluetooth Speaker9696.596.5

Check Price Sony SRS-XB10 Speaker9695.596

Check Price Photron P10 Bluetooth Speaker9595.595.5

Check Price Bose SoundLink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speakers949695Check PricePhilips BT50B Bluetooth Speaker939594.5Check PriceBose Soundlink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker929594Check PriceBose Sound Link Micro Bluetooth Speaker919392Check Price

Final Talk

The above list has all the top Bluetooth speakers in India. You can buy any one of them without any worry. However, we would suggest you jot down your requirements and then go through all the products and our buying guide to get a clear idea.

Nonetheless, don’t get confused while choosing the best. Always try to judge a product according to your requirements depending on your budget as well. Furthermore, we assure that you won’t regret buying a product from our selected list. Bluetooth speakers are a great choice to enhance your smartphone speakers. The audio quality via wireless speakers will easily outshine those small almost invisible in-built smartphone speakers and will let you experience another level of music.

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